Panasonic EP-MA73 Massage Chair Features

Panasonic EP-MA73 Massage Chair

The Panasonic EP-MA73 Massage chair includes a lot of innovative features. Today we are going to take a closer look a two of them so you get a better idea of what this massage chair can do for you. The first feature is the ceramic heaters outfitted on the back massage rollers to provide a nice “Hot-stone” style heat therapy across your entire back. This feature is a significant improvement over the lumbar heaters that most massage chairs have as it covers the majority of your back, including areas that typical don’t see any benefit from the heat including the upper shoulders and neck.

Heated Foot Massagers

The heat therapy system doesn’t stop there, within the footrest are heaters that apply a gentle heat therapy to your feet to help keep your entire body warm and comfortable. These heaters also help in soothing away foot pain and tension that most massage chairs don’t address. This also ensures that you don’t suffer from a common issue of the Panasonic EP-MA70 which is cold feet while receiving your massage.

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Osaki OS-4000CS – A Best Seller Upgraded!

Osaki OS-4000cs massage chair

The Osaki OS-4000T massage chair has been one of the best selling massage chairs for a very long time, and 2016 it has gotten a new upgraded model that offers some new additions that address some of the common complaints about the massage chair. Check out the info below and see what’s new with the new Osaki OS-4000CS massage chair!

Osaki OS-4000CS Massage Chair Features

Adjustable Shoulder Massagers – A common complaint of the previous model was that the shoulder massagers were very constricting for those who had more broad shoulders. Within the Osaki OS-4000CS massage chair, you have three width settings that are perfect for varying heights, so not only does it cater to larger users much better, but it offers a more personalized touch to users of all heights.

USB Port – Next to the storage slot for the massage chair remote is a USB slot so you can charge your mobile device while enjoying your massage. This is a convenient feature and allows you to listen to music while enjoying your massage without draining your battery.

L-Track Massage System – The L-track massage system is designed to increase the overall surface area of your back massage so that you gain more benefit from the main features of the chair. The L-track system, (instead of stopping at your lower back or hips) reach all the way down to your upper thigh area and provides relief for 30% more of your body.

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There are a few other improvements that make the Osaki OS-4000CS massage chair a worthy successor to the best seller and a good option for anyone looking for a relaxing home massage chair. Read more on the full description page or give us a call at 888.346.3220  and talk to one of our experts.

New Osaki JP Premium 4S Massage Chair Info

JP Premium 4S Massage chair in black

The best of the Osaki massage chairs just got better with their new Japan made Osaki JP Premium 4S massage chair. This chair took the best of the previous JP model and improved upon and made it more widely available for users of varying heights. Take a look at some of the features below and see what’s changed so you can get a better idea of what the best in the massage chair world looks like!

JP Premium 4S Features

Dual Kneading Ball 3D Massage Mechanism with LOTS of customizable adjustments – The massage mechanism of the JP Premium 4S massage chair features a wide range of customization including more strength options than any other massage chair, width options, and speed options that give you full control over your massage experience.

Triple Mode Air Compression Massage – The Airbag massage has been improved to be a little smarter. The Triple mode air compression features three modes that provide much better benefit and relief when the airbag massage is active. Get much better circulatory benefits from your airbag massage.

Heat Therapy – Heat has been included in the backrest and within the foot massage to help loosen up muscles and relax you so you get the most out of your massage experience.

A Couple of Unique Feature

The JP Premium 4S Massage chair has a couple of new features that you won’t find on any other massage chair. First, the ottoman is far more extendable and much easier to customize to users of different heights. The leg rest extends even further than any other Osaki massage chair. You also have a unique arm massage. The arm massagers are sort of hidden within the side panels and provide an incredible compression massage to your arms.

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Learn more on the full description page right here. This massage chair is brand new and features one of the most comprehensive and effective massage experiences that Osaki has ever offered. Give us a call at 888.346.3220 to learn more about this chair and many others!

New from Titan Massage Chairs! The Titan TI-8700!

TI-8700 massage chair in brown

Titan has just released a whole new line-up of massage chair for 2016 and included in that is their new entry model, the Titan TI-8700 massage chair! This massage chair includes a lot of higher end features with a new sleek industrial design for a much lower price. Take a look at some of the features below to see what this massage chair can do for you!

Titan TI-8700 Massage Chair Features

Zero Gravity – The Titan TI-8700 massage chair features a two stage zero gravity that gives you a choice between two positions that are designed to greatly improve the benefits you receive from your massage. As you recline back gravity’s influence is removed from your joints and spine allowing them to decompress and relax the surrounding muscles. This relaxation allows you to gain a much deeper benefit from your massage.

Lumbar Heat – The lumbar region of the backrest features two heating elements that apply a gentle heat to your lower back. This helps loosen up the big muscle groups in the back and allow your back massage to provide you with a much better massage.

Vibration Massage – Vibration plates in the seat provide a vibration massage that reverberates up your spine in an effort to loosen up muscles in your lower back and next to your spine. This effect is designed to provide relief to those with lower back pain.

Many More Features

This massage chair has many more features to see. Check out the full description here and save money when you give us a call at 888.346.3220. Learn more today and see for yourself.

Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair Info

Titan TP-Pro Alpine in black

Titan massage chairs include a robust set of features that are designed to give you a massage experience worth enjoying every single day, sometimes more than once a day. The Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair is the top model of the Titan massage chair line and features an impressive list of new technology that will cater to a wide range of users. Let’s take a look at some of the features of the Alpine massage chair so you can get a better idea of what to expect.

Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair Features

L-track Massage System – The L-track massage system is a new innovation on the market now that includes a very long massage track that reaches down past your tail bone to lower upper thigh area. This feature increases the surface area of your back massage by about 30% which ensures you get the most out of your back massage.

Zero Gravity – This position is designed to improve every part of your massage experience and ensure you get the maximum benefit from your massage. As you recline your legs are raised to the same level as your heart in an effort to minimize gravity’s influence on your joints and spine so they can decompress. With this decompression comes a weightless sort fo feeling for some users as well as deepened muscle relaxation.

Heat Therapy– In the lumbar region of the backrest are two heating elements that apply a gentle heat therapy to your lower back. This can help loosen up tense muscles and do wonders for lower back pain in some users.

Foot Massage Rollers – The footrest has been outfitted with new reflexology foot massage rollers which provide a deep tissue massage to your feet which can greatly improve your overall well-being. If you don’t like foot massages, have no fear. You can easily turn this feature off from the remote and enjoy the rest of the massage without it.

Much More

The Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair has a long list of features that aren’t listed here. Check out the Alpine description page and read the rest for yourself and see if this massage chair is the one for you. We have plenty of other posts coming about all of the new massage chairs we offer. Stay tuned!

New from Titan! Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair!

Executive Massage Chair

The new line of Titan massage chairs has been upgraded with a whole new line of technology designed to bring your massage experience to a whole new level. The Titan Pro Executive has much of this technology all rolled into one exceptional massage chair. New features for the Executive include 3D foot massage, adjustable shoulder massagers and Bluetooth technology that allows you to sync your phone to the massage chair. Take a look at some of the details below and then head over to our full description to see exactly what this massage chair has to offer you.

Pro Executive Features

  • 3D Foot Massage Rollers –  Most massage chairs with foot massage features massage rollers on the bottom of your feet to apply a reflexology massage. The Titan Pro Executive massage chair features three sets of massage rollers to fully massage your entire foot. There is a size limitation however, if your foot is larger than a size 14 in men’s, this chair is not for you!
  • Adjustable Shoulder Massage – The pro Executive massage chair gives you the option to not include a shoulder massage in your experience. Simply rotate them toward the backrest and you can sit more comfortably without having to worry about them.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity –  The Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair include bluetooth technology that allows you to sync your smartphone or mobile device to your chair and do a number of things including play music through the speakers, or download the Android or iOS app and control the massage chair from your mobile device.

Check out our site and see if this massage chair is for you! Titan TP-Pro Executive Massage Chair 

Infinity Massage Chairs – Newest Release, the Escape!

The latest release from Infinity massage chairs is the new Infinity Escape massage chair. This massage chair is designed to replace the IT-8100 within their line up and give it some new innovative features to help give it a leg up on the competition. Some of these features include:

Zero-Wall technology
This technology is an improvement on the space saving technology that you might find in a few of the other massage chairs. With the zero-wall technology, the Escape only needs 3″ behind the massage chair to fully recline. This helps keep your massage chair from taking up too much space in whatever room you decide to keep it in.

Improved Reflexology Foot Roller Massage
The sole of the footrest has been outfitted with the latest version of reflexology foot massage rollers. These rollers apply a gentle massage to the soles of your feet to help provide relief in an often neglected area as well as improve your overall well-being. This new foot massage roller system also includes a new feature, Heel Rubber. This heel rubber helps keep your feet in the correct place to receive a massage and improves benefits to people with plantar fasciitis.

This new massage chair is available in black and brown and is live on our site now so check it out!